Dirty Capital (Prod. By B​.​B​.​Z. Darney)

by D-Rev

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Dirty capital is an album based upon how corrupt financial institutions, greedy big businesses, and power-Hungry governments invest money into things that will bring about detrimental harm to people and their environments, all for the sake of getting richer and having control over the resources of those people, so those people can depend on them. The album starts off with the deceased Emcee, Tupac Amaru Shakur, explaining that his movement Killuminati was created to destroy the myth of the illuminati, and how he did not believe in the illuminati. From there, D¬Rev explains thru organized lyricism track to track, how there is no conspiracy theory about a very small group of business men, politicians, and finance workers, who have desicion making powers that effect the rest of the world on an international scale, but only dark twisted, horrific hidden facts about their actions upon the world.

He also explains how that small group of people's power is nothing more than a brilliant illusion placed upon the perception of the world, and how they do not have as much power as it is precieved so. How the power to rule a civilization is ultimately up to the vast majority people living within it.

In tracks like 'The T.V. Programs you..' and 'Change The Rhyme' and 'Pop A Pill', he goes into detail about the horrid actions the corrupt business leaders of the modern world do that have dark effects on society as a whole. In tracks like 'Industrial purge' 'Crashing The White Party' and 'Just Me' and 'beyond the moonlight', he details how the people as whole don't have to be afraid of the people in power and how the people as a whole can take back what they want from the corrupt with organization, motivation, and knowledge.

Thru his hip hop craft, D¬Rev also brings musical entertainment unlike many projects in the world today, and at the same time tries to educate the listener of the importance of open mindedness, the importance to pay attention to how the world works and who is making the biggest decisions within it, and the importance of seeking knowledge of self.

Dirty Capital is entirely produced by B.B.Z Darney with features by Chris Rivers, Hex One & Tek of Epidemic, Kid Fade, Umang, Streetz, Resolute, and Halfcut,
with cuts performed by DJ PhiLogic throughout the album.

The purchase of the 25$ album physicals include your size-choice of a 'Dirty Capital Rules The World' sweatshirt, and 2 'Dirty Capital Rules The World' windproof lighters. There will only be 100 available ever. see the merch included with the purchase in this link:



released February 8, 2017



all rights reserved


D-Rev Mashantucket, Connecticut

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