The Ghost Dance

by D-Rev

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The Ghost Dance was a movement in 1800s America where Native Americans gathered together in order to re-connect with "The Great Spirit," a connection that was broken by colonial occupation, and oppression. It was something made to uplift the minds and souls of people in a time of struggle. That's what this mixtapes for; to motivate you, to give you that energy by having you enjoy every song. 10 tracks. 10 bangers. bang this when your working out, playin ball, or just wanna hear bars that are worth thinking about. Features include N9ne The Great, Hush Harding, Epidemic, and Reks


released August 27, 2014



all rights reserved


D-Rev Mashantucket, Connecticut

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Track Name: Somewhere In America
Blissful stressing,
my thoughts just descend to rhythms depths to script my message,, my intellect exhausted gettin tested,,/
But love for this art can get obsessive,,/
So get attentive sit and listen and you'll/
See my inner drive on a track leaves no skid marks of imperfection/
But I can whip it/
I changed my piston preference now my engines revving with a full tank of ambition/
I cram wit in my transmission they can't win this/
I'm a sooped up Bugatti y'all mini vans with this/
A buck ninety to the fame and fortune yes/
this ride can bring pain in towards your chest/
Dark questions come raising forth to guess/
like yeah I'm chasing my dreams but what if really I'm racing towards my death/
Fears cloaking my soul, and its a maddening suffering, I'm I happily hustling/
or am I going down my path to destruction/
More and more I'm getting smashed and just puffin/
spitting fire to try and light this dark path I'm shackled to run with/
Strapped in a dungeon/
mental placed in a cage and i cant slip away from my dimise im trapped here so fuck it/
these shadowed thoughts where my attentions paid/
See I invest in the pain cause things
Make more sense when it gives me change/
I'm having mean debates/
Between my fate like will you you lead to grace or grief and shame/
Liquor poured and convinced I'm going to hell to settle either way/
I cease my rage, let this toxin weaken me then tell the devil lead the way/
But my higher selfs stressing dont get a piece
and point it at ya top\
Live on you'll have inner piece appointed at the top\
get ya grind on nigga gotta place the work to be it\
Till times gone get ya shine on certainly but/
Will I make this worth the dreaming/
Leave my struggles in the past make em taste my dirt and eat it/
Or maybe I'll be Named the first to see that/
I don't have a mind I have a colosseum for an angel verse a demon/